It's not for all shows, and it's ultimately the performer's decision, but it will be strictly enforced this evening.  What are your thoughts on a no-cell phone policy for concerts and events?

While some are applauding the cell-free experience planned for the John Mulaney comedy show at SPAC tonight, others with tickets say they wish they knew about it prior to the purchase. Either way, rules are rules and many artists are asking venues like SPAC to enforce this no cell policy, but how?

SPAC posted info on the policy on their Facebook page and also sent out emails to those with tickets for tonight's John Mulaney's "No Scratch Tour" show telling people to arrive early, and reminding them, "This event is a phone-free experience. Use of phones and smart watches will not be permitted in the performance space after scanning your mobile ticket for entry."

But how will SPAC, and other venues enforce this?

We've all been to events where we've been asked to silence our phones or stash them away - but tonight is different.  You may have your phone or smartwatch with you, but you'll be asked to place it in a secured pouch, only accessed at designated areas throughout the park.

Here's, in part, what SPAC posted on their Facebook page:

"Guests will maintain possession of their devices at all times and can access them throughout the event only in designated Phone Use Areas within the venue. All devices will be re-secured in Yondr pouches before returning to the performance space. All pouches are routinely sanitized. Yondr staff is trained to follow safety guidelines and hygiene protocols."

So, what is Yondr?

Yondr is a company that makes mobile phone pouches equipped with a magnetic lock, similar, according to sources, to that of a retail security tag. It can be unlocked, but only in designated areas and by SPAC staff.
Yondr is used at concerts, theatres, schools, and also in courtrooms as a way to prevent audio and video recording, taping, and other "distractions" caused by people using their mobile devices.
Photo: SPAC Facebook
Photo: SPAC Facebook

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