Ted Crocket left speechless after being corrected on his statement on why Muslims can't be in Congress. 

Today’s donkey of the day goes to campaign spokesman Ted Crocket for his peculiar interview on CNN in defending the comments of former Senate candidate Alabama official Roy Moore. Moore stated that Muslim shouldn’t be allowed in Congress and when asked to explain the ideology, Crocket stated in order for them to be sworn in as an elected official they would have to swear on a bible which he believes cannot be done ethically by Muslims.


Jake Tapper, then explains to Crocket that you can select any religious book of your liking to be sworn in and that is not the law to be sworn in on a Christian Bible. Crocket looks like a deer in headlights and is left speechless. You would think that all elected officials would know the laws before making bias statements. Does it make you question the credibility of these elected officials and the people that put them in office? Let us know what you think.

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