There's nothing worse for a singer than battling a bout of tonsillitis when you are on the road and performing, and that's just what Beyonce dealt with at the start of her Mrs. Carter World Tour in April.

The singer has just now revealed that the day after she launched the tour in Europe, she came down with the condition, throwing her in peril.

Bey hit the road on April 15 in Belgrade, Serbia and 24 hours later, she was diagnosed with tonsillitis. Since she's the Queen, she soldiered on and adopted a "the show must go on" attitude and performed through the pain. Now, over a month later, she shared that she was dealing with medical issues and that she turned to faith to get her through it.

In this video from the April 17 date of the tour in Zagreb, which features her dancers getting pumped to perform, a low-key (and beautiful) Bey tells the camera, "I’m actually quite nervous because yesterday I was diagnosed with tonsillitis…hopefully, I'll give Croatia a great concert. I’m gonna fight as hard as I can and I know that God has my back and God will protect me."

The songstress canceled her gig in Antwerp, Belgium last week due to exhaustion and dehydration, which are usually excuses to cover the fact that something else is really up. It lead to the widespread rumors that she was expecting her second child and a little bro or sis for Blue Ivy, which she and hubby Jay-Z have categorically blasted.

Now that Bey has revealed she had tonsillitis, maybe nixing her Belgium gig had something to do with her overall health. Tea and cough drops, lady! Keep an unlimited supply on hand.