Perhaps the fact that Beyonce's halftime performance at Super Bowl XLVII last night (Feb. 3) was so clean, so drama-free and so wardrobe malfunction-less that people feel the need to invent or imagine a nip slip to have something to talk about? Fresh off of Lip-Syncgate, haters known as Beythiests are looking for something to grab on to and have suggested a nip slip. It happened right after she and the members of Destiny's Child rode in on unicorns.

Wait, there were no unicorns! Exactly. And there was no nip slip. But we're compelled to present the case that was made for it since it's good for a laugh.

A NSFW screenshot of Bey's breasts has been circulating, looking like she had a nip slip. It doesn't appear to be authentic, though, as Bey wouldn't go commando at this big of an event. She's too classy for that. From what we can tell, she wore a pasty over her nipple to prevent any unwanted flashes of flesh that would have been the talk of the town.

If you check out the GIF below, we don't see any nipple. Just some side boobage and some black leather. Oh, and a fierce arching of her back. Hi, Sasha!

So, haters, please, leave it Bey.

Watch the Alleged Beyonce Nip Slip Footage