The main event of the Super Bowl took place at the Superdome Sunday night (Feb. 3), but it was Lil Wayne's antics off the field, which have everyone talking.

During the DirecTV Beach Bowl, in which celebrities played football, Weezy got into a huge verbal altercation with a cameraman. The face-off included yelling and nearly a physical beatdown.

Wayne opened up about the incident, telling E!, "One of these camera dudes just pushed me right now. I don't like to be touched by people I don't tell to touch me." The former felon seemed calm about it and explained that he had to walk away from the situation before it escalated. "I'ma get out of the building, because if I touch somebody, I go to jail because they not the same color as me," he said and threw in a "F--- you" for good measure.

In more positive news, Wayne can look forward to the release of his 10th album, 'I Am Not a Human Being II,' on March 26.

Watch Lil Wayne Explain the Cameraman Attack