Beyonce and Jay-Z and dropping big bucks to get away for awhile. The New York Post reports the A-list couple is spending $400,000 to rent a house in the Hamptons for the month of August.

The 31,000 square foot estate is known as the Sandcastle and has been rented out previously for huge prices during the summer. Bey and Jay can enjoy its numerous amenities, including a heated pool, spa, basketball court, rock climbing wall, and maybe best of all, a recording studio, in case the couple wants to lay down a sequel to ‘Crazy in Love’ or ’03 Bonnie & Clyde.’

While many of the perks designed for kids won’t be appropriate for Blue Ivy — she’s not old enough to take advantage of the skate ramp or bowling alley — the house does feature a “children’s performing area” that the family may want to put to good use.

The $400k price tag may seem like a lot for one month, but in 2010 the estate was rented for $500k for only two weeks, so Beyonce and Jay-Z might be getting a bargain. If they love the property, perhaps they’ll consider buying it. The house is on the market with a list price of $43.5 million.

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