Many British artists have crossed the pond and experienced success in the United States. Artists like Adele, Jessie J and Natasha Bedingfield. There haven’t been as many success stories in the genre of hip hop.

Aside from one-hit star, Tinie Tempah, I can’t think of any British emcees. Tinie is known stateside, mostly for his hit featuring Eric Turner, “Written In The Stars”.

I’ve interviewed Tinie in the past. He shared with me a unique relationship he has with Prince William. Will is a huge fan of hip hop and has had several conversations with Tinie. He said Will is a real laid back, cool dude.

With the 2012 Summer Olympics being held in London, we’ve been exposed to some of their culture’s biggest stars in music. One of the big names on the UK rap scene is “Dizzy Rascal” who’s best known for his overseas hit, “Bonkers”.

The guy might be the best thing since sliced bread but I can’t get past his accent. You can’t hear the thick accent when singers like Adele, Bedingfield, even Taio Cruz are doing their thing on-stage. I think that’s the number one reason why London hip hop will never see success in the U.S. Even when I listen to bigger stars like Tinie Tempah, I can’t help but ask myself, “Did he just say bottle… or butt-hole?”