In case you're looking for a new song for your next twerking session, then Tinie Tempah and 2 Chainz have the perfect track for you.

In his latest video for 'Trampoline,' the U.K. rapper brings us a visually appealing display -- and we're not just talking about all the scantily-clad ladies in their lingerie.

From the colors and patterns all over this visual, it's one to check out. We're not really sure what plaid patterns and teacups have to do with anything except for an ode to his homeland, but Tinie and 2 Chainz look like their having a great time being surrounded by all those women.

“I was always able to get people jumping, so I kind of tied that in with a little joke that people made about me jumping really high in all my performances,” Tinie told BBC Newsbeat of the energetic track. “That’s why it’s called ‘Trampoline.’”