No wonder Lady Gaga started her own social networking site with If she wants to rule to a digital roost other than Twitter, she’s going to have to do so in her own space, since Facebook is clearly Eminem‘s domain.

Even though the rapper has been quiet for much of 2012, he is the first person to nab 60 million likes on Facebook. Time for a status update, Marshall Mathers!

Eminem has a firm hold on the most likes on the social networking site. He is about 600,000 likes ahead of his ‘Love the Way You Lie’ duet partner Rihanna, who has over 59,380,000 likes. The Boombox reports that RiRi adds about 26,000 likes per day, compared to Em’s 24,000 likes per day. So she could veritably catch him, especially since she is more active than he is right now.

As for Gaga, who started her own social media sandbox, she has 53 million Facebook likes. Ri cruised on by her with Facebook likes a year ago. It’s Twitter where Ma Monster owns it, with a massive 28 million followers.

All these stats add up to one thing: Pop music fans love their superstars and support them wholly in the social media sphere.

Have you thrown Eminem a “like” on Facebook yet?

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