Halloween is next month and the Halloween decorations, candy and customers are out in full display. Whether you like or dislike Halloween on the 30th of October there will be thousands of youthful kids running around door to door to show off their customs and score some sweet treats.

Studies have shown that most trick-or-treaters are picky and don't actually like a lot of the candy or snacks they receive on Halloween. One candy I used to hate getting in my basket was getting a ton of tootsie rolls sure I love chocolate but it was always something about the tootsie roll I did not like maybe the abundance of tootsie rolls freaked me out lol.

Well according to 

they ranked the best to least favor Halloween to give out and they also added in the top 10 favorite sweet treats for Halloween.

It looks like the top-3 favorites are Reese's, Snickers and Twix. All favorites of mines.

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