No need to wait for Halloween to get spooked. Albany NY has some the creepiest haunted locations around. These locations are not just for fun or mentioned only around Halloween, these locations are real life haunted 24/7.

I personally love a good thrill but when places have signs that read CLOSED, OFF LIMITS or DO NOT ENTER I like to believe there is some danger or truth to the reading. However if that doesn't spook you enough and your still up for a thrill well here are 5 known locations in the cap city that are known for being creepy, and people have reported strange activity on site. Check them out.

1) Forest Hill Cemetery located in Troy NY rumored to be one of the seven gates of hell. With old tombstones and an eerie background this place screams creepy. 

2) The New York State Capital Building in Albany NY is number 2 on the list. I have been in the building and besides the great architecture the place does rub off as creepy.  I wouldn't want to be in there at night alone.

3) Homestead Asylum in Middle Grove NY , used to be occupied by TB patients back in the early 1900's is rumored to still have dead patients and spirits walking around. Spooky is an understatement.

4) Yates Elementary is Schenectady NY, is rumored to be haunted. Apparently the building held a classroom tucked away in the basement for children with disabilities and students today have reported hearing laughter and seeing ghost children around the school. Glad I grew up in Colonie.

5) Last but sure not least is Loudon Cottage in Loudonville Ny, I drive past this place sometimes going out to Troy and it always seemed a little spooky so I never stare to long in that direction. Rumored to have ghosts of President Abraham Lincoln and murdered victim Clara Harris lurking around from time to time this place is creepy as well. 

Credit: Jess Hudson
Credit: Jess Hudson

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