Golf is all about precision and patience. It takes years of practice and skill to be one of the best in the world. Hip hop and golf aren’t paired together often. Could you imagine Weezy swingin’ a sand wedge on the 9th hole rockin’ Truk Fit khakis and a tucked in polo? I would pay to see that!

If you don’t play golf, just the idea of watching it probably bores you to tears. If you’ve never seen a nationally televised tournament, you probably don’t know some of the players on tour have some serious swagger.

Fashion is important to me on the golf course. It goes with the whole “ya look good, ya feel good” idea. Golf is 99% mental so if you’re mentally feeling good, you should be able to play good, right? Ok fine… I dress nice to impress the cute beverage cart girls, alright?

Here are some of my favorite dresses on the PGA Tour. They all have a unique style.

Payne Stewart (R.I.P)


Payne was a victim in a lethal plane crash at age 42 in 1999. Not only was he a great golfer and great person, he was clearly a great dresser. Nobody could pull off this guy’s threads.

Camilo Villegas


His game hasn’t met expectations, but his style surpasses them. Villegas is famous for his tight, bright clothes and a unique stance he uses to “read” putting greens.

Davis Love III


It’s tough to tell if Davis is dressing for a golf tourney or dinner at the yacht club most weekends. His style is dripping “class”.

John Daly


John has settled down for the most part but he was once one of the big trouble makers in sports. His alcohol troubles even inspired a mixed drink called “John Daly” which is a combo of Arnold Palmer (iced tea and lemonade) and Vodka. His pants are awesome.

Tiger Woods


If you’ve never turned on golf, he’s probably the only player you know. He’s not as great as he once was but some things never change – including his trademark red shirt and black pants on Sundays.

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