It seems like some of the top name brand stores we were used to seeing for years are all suddenly closing due to finances or to switch to online only. With the steady rise of the digital and internet world, businesses are in constant competition with people doing more online shopping than before and it's causing less people to do actual physical shopping at the store itself.

In April, Bed Bath and Beyond announced they will be closing 40 of its stores and today they added and additional 20 to that list as well making it a total of 60 stores throughout the US. However even with the closings there will still be approximately 1000 Bed Bath and Beyond stores that will remain open.

It's sad to see some of the more popular stores closing.
Bed Bath and Beyond has some of the best smelling goods to offer. Hopefully the Colonie Center location is not one to close anytime soon. For more of the story visit:

Colonie Center
Colonie Center

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