We do get to see a lot of wildlife in Upstate New York. Lots of coyotes, fox, deer, bear, and the occasional moose.

We don't have a large number of moose in the area, but a few have been spotted this year near the Capital Region. One moose with a calf was reported only about two miles from my house in Averill Park.

Have you seen a moose this year? If you have, the New York Department of Environmental Conservation wants to hear about it.

Every year the DEC does a count of Moose in the state and they asked members of the public to report moose sightings as part of ongoing efforts to monitor these animals across the state. Last year there were 250 moose sightings in New york. This year, according to the Times Union, there have already been 50 sightings.

If you do see a moose and happen to get a picture of it, the DEC wants that too. You can share them with DEC. For details on how to submit your photos, go to: https://www.dec.ny.gov/animals/56611.html ; the email for submissions is wildlife@dec.ny.gov.

I've been lucky enough to see a moose in the wild once, but it wasn't here in New York. I was on a Jeep offroad trip in Colorado and we came around the corner on a trail and there were two moose just standing there. We stopped and watched them for about 10 minutes. I didn't realize how big they really are...they towered over my Jeep.

If you do happen to see a moose in New York, feel lucky and make sure you let the DEC know.

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