The Nicki Minaj Collection is now in Kmart stores.  For those Barbs who haven't rushed on over there to buy some leopard print jeggings or Versace inspired sweat suits yet, here's a glance at the collection.

Nicki Minaj is known for her outrageous style & costumes, so should we be expected to all look like Barbs by wearing her new Kmart clothing line.  Well, uhh, maybe.  The Nicki Minaj Collection is a slightly more toned down version of Nicki that offers wearable clothes for her fans at an affordable price. Accessories start at $3.99 and prices range up to $39.99 for a jean jacket.

The clothing line has a lot of bold prints & loud colors.  If you love animal prints, sexy sweat track suits, lots of colorful leggings & ripped up denim sets, this could be right up your alley. Not exactly appropriate for the school dress code, perhaps more like club clothes.  Here's a glance at the Nicki Minaj Kmart Collection Barbs!