This Sunday (April 28), legions of Game of Thrones fans will tune into HBO to watch the latest episode of the show's eighth and last season. Before that, they can check out "Too Many Gods," an A$AP Rocky and Joey Bada$$ track from the Game of Thrones-inspired album, For the Throne.

Produced by Ricky Reed & Nate Mercereau, "Too Many Gods" is a song where Rocky and Joey spit about the overabundance of God-like figures in the world. The A$AP Mob boss takes the lead by crooning the somber chorus then leads us into war like an heir to the Iron Throne.

"It's just too many laws, Misfits, too many wars/Battle scars, too many swords," Rocky raps. "Knight in shining armor, such a pretty horse/Strange screams down the corridors, Divide, conquer, call it yours/Another false prophet's on the thrones."

Bada$$ follows-up Rocky with his own rendition of the chorus before serving up his own GoT-inspired bars. In his verse, the Pro Era chief tells us about growing up with hittas like Ned Stark. He also sounds like he refuses to bend the knee to House Targaryen.

"Sword so sharp, take his head apart/Ready for war, I grew up with soldiers like Ned Stark," Bada$$ raps. "Dragging my name in the dirt and I'll bury 'em, playing with fire but I'm no Targaryen/Dire wolves with me, these ain't no Siberians/What's a king to a God? Ain't no comparing them."

The song appears on For the Throne along with other songs from Travis Scott, The Weeknd, SZA, Lil Peep and Ty Dolla Sign.

Press play on "Too Many Gods" below.

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