There is already a ton of roads being worked on across the Capital Region. The New York State Department of Transportation wants to let you know when and where road work is being done.

 If you drive anywhere in the Capital Region, you know that construction season is in full swing. There are a few projects that start up next week and some road closures that you need to know about.

According to News Channel 13, the Department of Transportation is giving us some information that we need to know to navigate through the Capital Region. Next week, we can expect delays on Alternate Route 7 because of ramp closures. This work will be done from 8pm through 6am. There will also be paving projects on sections of Route 146 in Albany and Route 29 in Fulton and Saratoga Counties.

Most construction and road work will be done at night, but there will be construction on some roads during the daytime. The DOT urges you to stay alert and patient so that the workers are always safe.

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