We knew the time would come sooner or later, but do you think we are ready to open businesses in New York.  Our Governor has been under so much pressure since the coronavirus first began.  Governor Cuomo took insults and pressure from the federal administration, but many around the country gained admiration and respect for him.  Regardless of our views of Governor Cuomo, he has joined the ranks of governors around the country who have begun to open businesses around their states.
According to Times Union, after the state recalibrated the metrics needed to start reviving the economy, Gov.  Andrew Cuomo said Sunday that the Capital Region can begin reopening.  We worked hard in the Capital Region and we have met six of the seven metrics, or requirements needed to reopen. The government is now working to increase the contract tracing we have been hearing so much about on the news. Contract tracing is vital in phase one of the reopening process.  Gov. Cuomo said the state government will be working with local leaders to increase the number of contact tracers so that we can quickly reopen. He said the region at the time of writing this still needs to hire 166 additional people to do contact tracing and the region will be ready to reopen.  He did caution that if the numbers went back in the wrong direction, he would have to reconsider remaining open.  Capital Region leaders are confident that the region will be ready to reopen by mid-week.
I don’t know about you, but I certainly hope that we don’t have to go back into some sort of lockdown.  I want to see everyone around me safe, it’s hard knowing that so many brothers and sisters lost their lives to COVID-19.  I intend to be as safe as possible and to live my life to the fullest in our  “New Normal”.  What does the Capital Region reopening mean to you?

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