You know that catchy saying "April Showers bring May flowers", when ever you hear  that  you pretty much know spring is either here or bout to arrive.One thing I love about the spring is the weather it's not to hot but its not too cold either its just right. Well living upstate we experience all four seasons and since the weather is lighting up and the air is changing all the fun outdoor activities can start. Festivals, concerts, plays in the park, outdoor games everything. 

But one thing for sure the capital district has some of the best festivals that go on through out spring and summer. Get ready Mothers day is approaching and it only means one thing The Tulip Fest. May 13th-14th the Tulip Fest at Washington Park in Albany,NY. I love the Tulip Fest I pretty much have gone every year for the past 10 years.The food, the music, taking beautiful pictures by all of the pretty tulips and I cant forget the crowning of the Tulip Queen, its so much fun. The Tulip Fest definitely sets the tone for summer to kick in. For more information check out the link below

Istanbul Comes Alive With Colour During Its Annual Spring Tulip Festival
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