You know the old saying a dog’s bark is worse than its bite. Well, Top Dawg Entertainment CEO Anthony Tiffith is barking at former rap mogul Suge Knight for comments he made about Kendrick Lamar's business practices, especially when it comes to touring.

Apparently, during an interview with BET, Knight said Lamar is a slave to Interscope due to his record deal with the label. The co-founder of Death Row Records claims Interscope is not only taking a cut out of K.Dot’s royalties but they are allegedly dipping into his touring money, as well.

"Not only do these companies get the royalties and the publishing, if [the artist] do a show and $100,000 come in, the managers of the guys I'm saying who run the record company gets 20 percent," he said. "Now it's $80,000. Kendrick gets half, the record company gets half, which is ridiculous."

Tiffith went on Twitter to deny Knight’s accusations.

Knight has been vocal about how the music business has changed throughout the years. When he appeared on 'The Arsenio Hall Show' back in February, he made references that Game and Lamar have "the worst deals in the music industry."

"[All I was saying was] it's not fair for two n----s from Compton to be gettin' f---ed, and it's not good for me to have knowledge and not pass it on to them," the cigar-chomping executive told BET. "It wasn't about putting them as men down or as artists down, it was about putting the person who's in control down, saying 'How are you f---ing over these dudes from Compton when they're making a difference for your company?'"