In case you forgot that Chris Brown has been in a whole mess of legal trouble and in jail for the past few weeks, forcing the delay of his Ariana Grande duet, well, this mugshot should remind you.

The mugshot is believed to be from Breezy's Washington, D.C. arrest last fall and has been posted online.

The pic was released ahead of his trial, while he sat in a jail cell in his native Virginia since being transferred from Los Angeles. The D.C. arrest involved an assault; a bit of a refresher on the incident is here, since it's sort of hard to keep track of and up with all of Breezy's legal shenanigans.

See the shots below, in all of their bleached blondness.

This the first time this mugshot from that arrest has surfaced online. With his neck tattoos and droopy eyes, it's not Breezy's finest photogenic hour. It's a shame, since he is so incredibly talented, something we witnessed from the teaser for his Grande duet. He did all that dancing in one take.

It hasn't been Breezy's best twos years, with all of his legal issues, the split with Rihanna, her "reunion" with his foe Drake and other general problems. Nowhere to go but up!

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