Remember when Andre 3000 had that hellacious run of him hopping on every track and killing every feature he was on? "Walk It Out," "Throw Some On D's (Remix)," "You (Remix)" were just some of the features he murdered effortlessly. Now, if you look at his run in 2016, he's proving that his pen is still one of  the sharpest swords in hip hop. Once again, he showcased his lyrically prowess on Divine Council's "Decemba."

“Got a fantasy I wanna do/Get naked and go grab my tool.If we gon’ go out, then we gon’ go out/Let’s make it beautiful, loose," raps 3000, as he engages in some vivid storytelling about his sexual escapades.

Andre has had a busy 2016. He was spotted in the studio with Kanye West, Chris Rock, and recently Kaytranada. On wax, he has delivered fiery verses on Travis Scott's "the ends," Frank Ocean's "Solo (Reprise)", and will be featured twice on Kid Cudi's new album Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin':

Take a listen to hear how Andre did it again.

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