Looks like Tyga is having money issues... again.

A woman in Orange County has filed documents against Tyga saying that she acted as a middleman on a Range Rover lease for Tyga's mother. The woman now says that Tyga started missing payments on the vehicle and she's ready to report it stolen if he doesn't correct the issue, reports TMZ.

The Range Rover in question is a loaded Evoque, according to the gossip site, and has a sticker price of about $60,000. The rapper's lawyer, Shawn Holley, says Tyga has put together a new team of accountants and business managers to help him keep his finances straight and make sure he's not taken advantage of again-- which was obviously direly needed.

Tyga, who just signed to Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music, had his Ferrari repossessed (he got it back), a Maybach repossessed, was sued by a former landlord for nearly a half-million dollars and was sued by a jeweler who said that he owed him $200K—and all of this has taken place over the past three months. So it's good that he's finally hired some good people to get his money straight, especially since he just inked a new label deal.

Beyond his money woes, Tyga and his girlfriend Kylie Jenner just starred in a new ad for Alexander Wang's fall campaign, and with his recent signing, new music will likely be coming soon.


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