It doesn't appear that we'll be getting new music from Andre 3000 any time soon.

On Tuesday (Dec. 17), Rick Rubin released a new episode of his Broken Record podcast with special guest, 3 Stacks. When Rick asked the legendary OutKast rapper about his current music recording habits, Dre had an answer that fans likely won't love, even if it isn't all that surprising.

“I haven’t been making much music, man. My focus is not there, my confidence is not there," Andre said. "I tinker. I tinker a lot. Like I would just go to a piano and sit my iPhone down and just record what I’m doing, move my fingers around and whatever happens. But I haven’t been motivated to do a serious project. I’d like to, but it’s just not coming. In my own self, I'm trying to figure out where do I sit? I don't even know what I am. And I'm nothing, maybe I'm not supposed to be anything. Maybe my history is kind of handicapping in a way. And so I'm just trying to find out what makes me feel the best right now, and what makes me feel the best is when I do these random kind of instrumental kind of things. They make me feel the most rebellious."

Back in September, rumors of a new 3 Stacks project surfaced when rapper Thurz said in an interview on Real 92.3’s Home Grown Radio that Dre's "got an album," though he noted that it was only based on assumptions.

“He played a lot of ideas that sound like an album to me so I'm just jumping to conclusions,” Thurz said. "He played a lot of cool ideas...yeah, he's making music. He's like one of my favorite rappers."

Even more recently, Waka Flocka Flame revealed that he puts Andre 3000 ahead of Eminem when it comes to lyricism.

"I was arguing someone about 3 stacks can out rap eminem any day," Waka wrote on his Instagram Story with a question sticker asking fans, "Do y'all agree?"

You can listen to Andre 3000's full episode of Rick Rubin's Broken Record podcast below. The new music conversation happens around the 13:35 mark.

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