It's more proof that calling an Uber is always the best option.

First and foremost for safety reasons, after one too many using a rideshare or taxi service is always the best, and well, the only option if ya need to hit the road. Plus, chances are pretty good they will get you to the right place.

According to a press release from the New York State Police, an Amsterdam man's address mixup led to him getting charged for driving while intoxicated. Monday night Joseph Olmstead drove to a home where he believed a party was being held. When he learned from the homeowner there was no party, he apparently was not too happy. State Police eventually ended up on the scene to address the situation and after the driver failed a sobriety test he was taken into custody

It is just more proof that an Uber or Lyft ride is always a must-do when you are partying. Ya keep that app handy on your phone, ya tap that app when you need a ride, and no matter if you end up at the right or the wrong party, at least will not end up on the wrong end of the law.

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