There's no denying that Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose are in love -- they do have a wonderful baby boy, Sebastian Taylor AKA Bash, together, plus they certainly don't hide it on their social media accounts. The two love birds got engaged last year, but the ring on her left hand wasn't enough for Amber Rose. She went and got Wiz Khalifa's face tattooed on her body!

The model and new mom posted the picture of her new Wiz tat, where he looks like he's been enjoying some sticky green, to her Instagram with the caption, 'True Love #Cam&Amb :-).' The two are not shy about inking their feelings for each other on their bodies. Wiz has 'Amb' tattooed on his thumb in cursive and Rose has 'Cam' inked on her finger as well.

In addition to the tattoo of Khalifa's mug, Rose also got a portrait of her mother when she was young. Perhaps the most puzzling tattoo of her session with artist Bobby Serna was the piece she got on her upper arm of her two pugs! We're all for showing love to the pups, but tatting their faces on your body? That's dedication to your pets!

So now the question is, when will Amber get her beautiful baby boy's name or likeness inked on her body? It seems that she's getting a tattoo for everything near and dear to her, so when is it Baby Bash's turn?


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