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RIP the legendary Ruby Dee! Alicia Keys was inspired by the late great actress who passed away on June 11, 2014 & took the time to remember the legendary actress.


Alicia Keys & Ruby Dee were practically neighbors, both living in Harlem on their quest for success. Alicia Keys has said that the 3 things Ruby Dee told her to cherish the most in life are family, humility & passion.

Alicia shared her greatest memory of her icon Ruby Dee the day Ruby read Alicia own poems back to her.



On her tumblr page, Akicia wrote:

The day I met Ruby Dee was such a moment for me!! I was in awe!! I admired every rule she re-created and every fight she fought to make change real! I loved her work, the way she loved her craft, the art of theater and performance! I especially loved the love that emanated between her and Ossie Davis! Talk about inspiring!!! But the day she shared her spirit with me, read poems out of my book and shared her poems with me!??? I thought I might have died and gone to heaven! Which is where I know Ruby and Ossie happily reside together now…

To one of the greatest in all the world… Thank you for coming into my life and showing me that the best characteristics are humility, passion and family!! I will always remember your impact on me….


In 2012 for the Sundance Channel, Alicia Keys & Ruby Dee toured Harlem together. Two two of them together, one an icon & one a legend reminisced on their experiences growing up & living there & practically being neighbors.




RIP Ruby Dee. I did not know she & I were practically neighbors! As she resided in New Rochelle, NY during the latter part of her life & passed away in her home there. New Rochelle is a neighboring town to where I am from (Mt Vernon, NY) and has many celebrities who own homes there.