The H-Town Icon is back with some heat ya'll. If ya'll thought that Paul Wall fell off well then think again, because he's been doing his thing for half a decade now and he hasn't lost a step at all.

He got on his grizzle on this album. His rhyme-schemes were on-point like I've never heard him before and he had some killer bars on this album. Love his message, rapping about how no matter what anybody else says you do whatever you want in life just keep grinding.

The best songs on this album would have to be 'Haters Ball featuring Z-RO,' 'Rain & Fire,' 'Correct Me If I'm Wrong,' and 'Been Goin Thru It.' On Rain & Fire He rapping bout how he's seen the worst of times and how he pushed through them and how you can do that with anything really.

Haters Ball is about how there's so many haters hating on your success and how they could be successful if they start grinding and make something of themselves but they choose not. Don't care what anybody says, Paul Wall is still doing his thing without a doubt.

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