Every now and again we like to take a listen to Hip Hop and R&B that doesn't get that much mainstream exposure. I've got my man Jordan West, who listens to EVERYTHING and ANYTHING that comes out on the music scene. His tastes vary from Tribe Called Quest to Y.G. I had him take a listen to Termanology More Politics


Album Review:
More Politics by Termanology Now if ya’ll haven’t heard of Term you guys are really missing out he gives you that raw uncut real lyricism that he knows how to best this album is probably not going be talked about at all which is kind of sad because this is what Hip-Hop is dope beats, sick bars and hard punch lines and if you want to start to get into some really great underground Hip-Hop then here’s your chance to do so.
He raps about how he went from selling drugs to being one of the best underground Hip-Hop artists out there and still is and now he has two kids and a wife so he had to change his life. He felt like no one gave him a chance to show his true shine but he kept grinding and got to where he wanted to get and even bigger than he thought.
Term also spit about the wrongful deeds that the minority community has been subjected to not just now but for quite a while now and he just gave his thoughts about it in Hip-Hop form. The features that he got for this are nothing but grade-A such as Styles P, Joey BadA$$, KXNG Crooked, Bodega Bamz, Westside Gunn, Conway & Your Old Droog basically only some of the best-underrated MCs out there.

This is probably going to be one of the most underrated Hip-Hop albums. Here’s the link to this Underground Hip-Hop Masterpiece your ears will thank you after you hear this.

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