It's exactly what you don't want to be thinking about in the middle of one of our best stretches of summer weather: bad stretches of winter weather.

It usually happens right around this time of year. Even though the weather is still hot, we start getting those first few signs of the seasons ahead. You see those first few leaves starting to change color and the Farmers' Almanac starts making its predictions for the winter ahead. So what do we have in store in the greater Albany area for Winter 2020-2021? Well, it looks like kind of a mixed bag. With a mix of extremes and calm, it seems we end up with an overall average winter for Upstate New York according to the Almanac.

For the winter as a whole, the Almanac outlook says the Northeast United States can expect "Typical winter chill, (a) stormy January, (and) a tranquil February." That said, the Almanac is making a few bold and bigger predictions calling for a stormy January full with "cold hard flakes," a "Winter Whopper" of a storm to close out February, and a Nor-easter towards the end of March.

If you recall the last two winters in the Capital Region, it was pretty much the same. We had a huge, extreme snowstorm early each season and pretty much average snowfall the rest of the way. So when it all shakes out, we will most likely end up with an average, Upstate New York winter. That said, let's get back to enjoying what is left of summer!

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