The show must go on, and several local concert venues have decided masks will be required to make it so.

Back in June, who would've imagined we would be back at this point? Infection rates were way down, COVID guidelines were lifted, and our wide-open summer of fun awaited. But a lot has changed since the arrival of the Delta variant, and some local concert venues are looking to get ahead to it.

According to a WNYT story, several local concerts and arts venues are aligning to follow CDC guidance to require masks for attendees all shows starting immediately. The venues alluded to the safety of staff, artists, and event attendees as the driving force behind the requirement. In addition to the Capital Repertory Theater, plus for indoor events at SPAC and the Albany Symphony Orchestra, WNYT says the following local concert venues will also be implementing the requirement:

Albany Area Venues Implementing Mask Requirement

As COVID rates spike locally and nationally, several local concert venues are putting mask requirements in place.


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