Almost a year after it was announced, the area’s first Chick-fil-A restaurant according to Times Union will open later this month in Albany International Airport in Colonie.Chick-fil-A has been pump faking for over a year on opening up this restaurant. This will be the 2ndChick-fil-A  restaurant in the state of New York.


The new restaurant will be for IN FLIGHT passengers only. I hate to burst your bubble, but people are talking about buying tickets to go somewhere just to eat at the restaurant. Its never been that serious, to eat at fast food restaurant. These people are plotting to pay $200 plus whatever your meal cost just to eat fried and waffle fries. I can name several places in Albany that you could eat the same food for much less. I don’t advise anyone to buy a plane ticket just to have Chic Fil A.

Due next at the airport, also in the secured area, will be a Wolfgang Puck Pizza. Both will be operated by St. Louis-based OHM Concession Group. They have been announcing random Chic Fil A locations in the Capital Region for the past four years so lets see if this one comes to fruition.

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