It’s been about two weeks since Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan has been out and about in the streets of Albany. Quarantine is all over and she is BACK!

Earlier this month Mayor Sheehan attended a mayor’s event in Syracuse, New York. It was an indoor gathering and came with all the risks that indoor gatherings bring.

There were mayors at the event from all over the state, and shortly after the event one of the mayors tested positive for COVID-19. The mayor of Binghamton, unfortunately for him, contracted the virus. Mayor Sheehan, along with the mayor of Schenectady, Gary McCarthy were one of the lucky ones. They both tested negative for COVID-19.

Mayor Sheehan and Mayor McCarthy both followed the CDC guidelines for COVID-19 and quarantined for the full two weeks. While Mayor Sheehan was at home in quarantine, she did her work and kept herself busy with crossword puzzles, jigsaws puzzles, and did lots of reading. A busy woman like Mayor Sheehan probably appreciated some downtime from all of her stressful work.

Mayor Sheehan says it’s important to lead by example. She also said, “I am feeling well and I am taking this voluntary quarantine seriously. My main priority is managing our city storm recovery and ensuring that we do everything possible to open our streets, remove downed trees, and support National Grids efforts to restore power to our residents and businesses.”

It’s good to know that Mayor Shehan is doing well and she is back to work. It’s also good to know that she takes the virus seriously and is following protocol.

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