If you did not grow up in America as a Black person, the Albany Symphony is giving you a rare opportunity to gain some insight into the experience.

On November 14 the Albany Symphony Orchestra will perform a live stream event including a segment called “Black & Alive”.

“Black & Alive” is an original composition written by Andre Myers. Mr. Myers says that he wrote the composition to try to inflict peace, and a sense of solidarity in this trying time in Black America’s struggle for racial justice.

The composition tries to walk viewers through the experience of Black America in the United States during the past year. The composer, Mr. Myers, talks about how Black Americans always have a feeling that they are on edge. He acknowledges the joys of being a Black American, but he recognizes that there is a constant inkling of unease.

Mr Myers said, “This piece is my response to that dilemma. Trying to stay out of the way and trying to appease and please others, without knowing the truth of my own heart and mind. But if I’ve learned anything from the illness, violence, and rage this year has brought us, it is that being ‘not dead’ is a very different endeavor than being alive.“

That is a very deep concept that deserves a lot of thought. I think I know several people who are simply not dead.

I’ve never been a person who thought that I would enjoy listening to an orchestra event, but I look forward to witnessing the concert on November 14. If you are interested in viewing the virtual concert, it will be on live stream on the Albany Symphony Orchestra’s website.r

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