Local activists have been protesting police brutality for more than a week now, but everything is not as it appears.

Protests began all over the nation last week after the police shooting death of Daunte Wright in the suburbs of Minneapolis. Community activists marched through the streets of Albany last Wednesday and ended up at the South Police Station.

According to News 10, There was a disturbance at the South Station and there was allegedly property damage to the police station.

Allegedly a police officer snatched a megaphone from one activist and slapped a cell phone from another activist’s hand. What originally began as a protest over Daunte Wright’s death, then turned into a protest against the Albany Police Department.

Since that day protesters have been camped out in front of South Station and they are refusing to leave until the officer involved in the incident either retires or is fired.

There is another twist with the South Station incident that happened last Wednesday. Allegedly, there were two individuals who basically hijacked the protest by damaging the building. The Albany Police Department is now searching for the two individuals who they believe instigated the violence at the police station.

Albany Police posted a video and a photo on their website, of the two individuals who may have caused the damage to the police station. They are asking for the public’s help in identifying the two individuals.

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Just as we saw last year with the protests over George Floyd’s death, distractors have shown up again at a protest, but this time here in Albany. Don’t allow distractors to take away the validity of the message that police brutality must stop.

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