This afternoon the city police chief and Albany Mayor held a press conference to announce the arrest of Albany Police Officer over violence at a call.

According to Times Union

A city police officer has been arrested and two others suspended in connection with the alleged assault of two black men who were pummeled at a First Street residence on March 16 after police responded to a call for loud music.

Mayor Kathy Sheehan and Police Chief Eric Hawkins held an afternoon news conference to discuss the arrest and suspension of the officers.

Officers, Luke Deer, is facing a felony assault charge and a misdemeanor count of official misconduct. Deer was arraigned in City Court. The incident stemmed from a call for loud music that escalated into a fight and two people getting arrested.

Another officer, Matthew Seeber, may also face charges. Hawkins said the investigation is not complete and other charges could be filed. A third officer also faces investigation but his identity was not immediately available.

Do you think the police were excessive on this call?

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