Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan recently had a press conference where she addressed the reopening of Albany when the NY Pause period ends officially with Governor Cuomo allowing county government and businesses to reopen.

The mayor didn’t give a specific timeframe on things like reopening, she talked about including all the counties that comprise the Capital Region, to make a decision on when and what should reopen. She also mentioned COVID-19 prevention including to continue to wash our hands, social distancing, and wearing a mask, while out in public.

The mayor also mentioned a 14-day continuous decline period that will allow city officials to think about reopening. What I got from this press release is social distancing and wearing a mask will be around after May 15, even as the state continues to reopen. COVID-19 will still be a big concern. Will you still be concerned about COVID-19 after the state "reopens?"

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