Albany Lou strikes again with a banger!

Albany Lou has been at it for a minute; I've watched him come up over the years, and he's always a solid lyricist. This time, Lou has teamed up with Brooklyn’s Uncle Murda to talk COVID-19, with the anthem “Flatten Da Curve.”

The 808-infused anthem lets the two emcees give their perspective on the pandemic. Being that New York was one of the places hardest hit by COVID-19 early on, it's so appropriate. And it has all the attitude and flavor you've come to expect from Albany Lou.

Albany Lou's busy traveling and doing all that he does, but he paused for a few minutes to share some of his deeper thoughts on his latest project:

Q: What inspired you to write this song?

A: I wrote the song because of the lingering question mark about the entire COVID-19 conspiracy. Are we really going through what we are being told we are going through, or is it possibly something different?

Q: How has the pandemic changed the local music scene? 

A: There are no live shows at the moment, so you are being forced to get creative with your Internet presence.

Q: What can you tell us about upcoming projects?

A: We just released “100 Gillion Dollars” featuring Fred The Godson (RIP). Without giving too much away, we have many exciting new projects coming up in the near future, one of which includes another song with myself and Uncle Murda. But there will also be other noteworthy features that you will find out at a later date.

In the meantime, his latest anthem has already gone viral with over a million views on multiple websites. Albany Lou is taking the Capital Region with Flatten Da Curve. Check it out here!

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