If you're flying anytime soon you don't want to forget your driver's license or passport, of course, your luggage and now a mask to cover your face.

The Albany County Airport Authority announced Wednesday that starting immediately all passengers and visitors in the airport will be required to wear a face mask.

Several airlines have already or are planning to put the same requirement into effect as well. Jet Blue will start requiring passengers and workers to wear masks starting May 4th and Frontier will start requiring masks on May 7th.

In addition, you notice changes at the Albany International Airport including protective shields installed at the ticket counters, kind of like what you're seeing at most grocery stores and hand sanitizers installed throughout the terminals according to the story in The Times Union.

My son is flying home from college in South Dakota next weekend and we've already sent him a mask and hand sanitizer. He's heard from other classmates that have flown home that even though the airports aren't crowded the screening process and the ticketing process has slowed because of new procedures and cleaning.

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