As we ride out another July heatwave in Albany this week, there is a stunning statistic you may find hard to believe when it comes to one summer weather extreme.

We have had our fair share of 90-degree days so far this summer, but this week we are going through our first sustained stretch of hot and humid days with temperature potential in the mid to high 90s. It's simple - this week is going to be a scorcher.

But the big question is, will it get hot enough to hit a summer weather extreme that Albany has not seen in almost 70 years?

Let's start with the forecast. The National Weather Service says we can expect temperatures in the 90s right through Sunday with expected highs of 95 Wednesday, 93 Thursday, 92 Friday, 96 Saturday, and 93 on Sunday. So will an almost 70-year weather streak will continue?

When Was The Last Time Albany Hit 100 Degrees?


If you scroll down, you can see every 100-degree day in Albany history. And as crazy as it sounds, the last time Albany hit 100 degrees the Empire State Plaza was still over a decade away from being built and Saratoga Race Course had yet to mark 100 years!

Earlier this summer when I was doing some research on the hottest days in Albany's history, I was not shocked to find that since temperatures records started being kept, the National Weather Service says Albany has hit or surpassed the 100-degree mark 14 times.

I was shocked to learn that the last time Albany actually hit 100 degrees was September 3, 1953 - almost 70 years ago!

Never say never because the weather can change on a dime here in Upstate New York. But it looks like this week this unbelievable streak will continue.

Though I am sure it will feel like 100 whatever we are doing this week!

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