Yesterday, Albany Common Council Member Judy Doesschate got to see the beauty of this thing called the internet.  She is currently being dragged all through the mean streets of social media.

Instead of just being patient and waiting for the emergency workers to move the car she took to Facebook. People did not receive this too well.

Usually when someone is in a position of power exhibits extra pettiness, it doesn't go over too well with the general public. That's especially true when the pettiness is toward someone who is doing a public service (like driving an ambulance, military, etc).  Needless to say, people fried her in the comments.

Screenshot 2018-06-26 10.52.37
Screenshot 2018-06-26 10.53.01

The original post had over 5,000 comments, but she got rid of the whole post and this is now her internet legacy. In Judy's defense, all she did was ask a question the way people responded to it was a little extra.






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