Last week I stopped by and visited Nelly's Day Care and I have to admit I really wish I was a Kid again, having fun and living life with no worries. Oh how simple life would be (lol) I spoke with Renel Turner about getting into the daycare business and what all it takes to run such a business. We also spoke on all the creative things she has in store for the kiddies. Her place is amazing as she has a play room, a kitchen to make healthy fun foods for the little ones and a larger play area. Oh and she is looking for a part-time and fullt-time worker so send those resumes. Nelly's Day Care is located in Troy NY and is now enrolling new kids. Renel Turner also has a pretty little 3 year old daughter who will soon be attending Nelly's Day Care very soon. Check out my experience I as I took a trip to Nelly's Day Care.

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