So ya’ll remember last spring that video that went viral with the Albany Police officers beating up 3 men due to a noise complaint?

I do. The charges against the 3 men ended up being dropped but not before an internal investigation into the police department was done on the officers. With police brutality still fresh in all of our minds over the years, police in Albany tend to think they are exempt from any discipline for beating up men who have their hands up and/or are even hand cuffed.

The Albany Police has released info that those 8 officers in the video have been served with notices of discipline, three of them will be terminated. It took almost a year for this to happen? The footage clearly shows the men being assaulted and beaten. Why did it take so long to wrap this up? Police officers are here to protect and serve, instead some are out here flaunting their power and buff with assault on innocent victims who clearly complying by putting up their hands, getting down on the ground and even being handcuffed.

Serves them right to be terminated, suspended or written up. If we do not start holding these bad cops accountable for their behavior, who will? Clean the dirty cop pool out and get rid of them. Albany doesn’t need an incident like this to happen ever again.

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