If you are a Black parent, a Hispanic parent, or a parent with a low income, you are likely to be more concerned about sending your child to school than your white counterparts.

According to a statewide poll, low-income parents and people of color are very leery of sending their children to school for in-person classes, and caucasian parents are less concerned.

A poll released by The Education Trust of New York concluded that the majority of Black families and about 40% of Hispanic families are opting to send their children to school virtually this fall. Virtual learning is the choice of only 25% of white families. According to the poll, parents in school districts in the Capital Region with the highest concentration of low-income families and families of color are choosing virtual learning.

According to the Daily Gazette, in Schenectady, 60% of the families chose to start the school year in all remote virtual learning. Only 25% of the families in Niskayuna and Shenendehowa School districts have chosen all remote options.

Although some parents are choosing virtual learning at this time, they all expressed a desire to have their children return to in-person classes at some point.

I have spoken with parents of all races throughout the state, and according to the conversations that I’ve had, the poll seems to be spot on.

This doesn't surprise me, COVID-19 was extremely detrimental to people who were already underprivileged in society. This is an extremely difficult decision for all of us, COVID-19 is very serious and we can’t afford to make any life-threatening mistakes with our children.

Education is also very important, but we need our children to be healthy enough to learn. We have to weigh all of our options and make the best decisions we can for our children.

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