You know that sex scene on Power last night (Aug. 7)? The one that shows Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson  in all of his glory? Well, turns out he was pretty pissed off about it... or so he claimed on Instagram.

He went on Instagram to share his exact feelings with fellow executive producer and show creator Courtney  A. Kemp, telling her to "kiss his a-s" and calling her a "b-tch" because he was so upset with the scene.

"This sh-t is not funny," he wrote in the since-deleted post. "Tell the people from Starz stop calling my phone, you call now. I don't give a f-ck if you on a plane b-tch."

He went on to say that his auntie can't watch the STARZ show and that the shot wasn't initially edited that way.

"So now my auntie G can't watch POWER because my d-ck is debuting tonight," he wrote, before reiterating that the shot wasn't in the first three edits.

Kemp then got into the mix, saying that 50 signed a waiver just like everyone else, and basically to calm down.

"Ghost must die and 50 Cent must lie, because you knew what we were shooting during 404" Kemp said, posting an eggplant emoji. "You signed the waiver like everyone else."

She then posted a screenshot of her name on the credits of Power, reminding everyone that she's the executive producer.

There's a high-probability, of course, that this is all nothing but a publicity stunt to get more folks to tune in to the popular show, which is breaking-records this season. 50 recently signed on to executive produce a new drama series on Starz, Tomorrow, Today. The production deal for his new series comes on the heels of a new deal 50 inked with Starz that extends his existing overall deal with the company into September 2018, in order to develop new projects for the network with his G-Unit Film & Television, Inc. It's kind of doubtful he'd mess up that relationship with an Instagram rant.

He also didn't seem that upset about it when he sat down for an interview with

"My penis is going to debut!," 50 Cent said in the interview, before laughing and  jokingly calling the moment his sex tape. "I don't give a f---. First it was supposed to be darker [after footage was edited.] You couldn't see it on the screen. [A producer ] was like, 'I gotta show you! When you put it on the screen, you can see it.' I don't care."

Publicity stunt or not, 50 certainly knows how to keep people talking about all of his, um, assets. Check out the exchange below, which has since been deleted.


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