50 Cent is demanding that those who owe Terry "Southwest T" Flenory money pay their debts following the former drug kingpin's release from a Kentucky prison.

On Tuesday (May 5), 50 posted an image of Southwest T, calling for the cofounder of the Black Mafia Family (BMF), a well-known drug trafficking and money laundering organization, to be repaid what he is owed now that T is a free man.

"@bmfboss_swt_263 is out, take your time getting to the Bank," he wrote, captioning a photo of the cofounder. "No hurry just have what you owe him by Monday."

According to court documents obtained by XXL on Tuesday (May 5), Southwest T was recently granted an early release from prison due to the coronavirus outbreak and will be finishing out the remainder of his prison sentence on home confinement. T's brother, Demetrius "Big Meech" Flenory, however, wasn't as lucky and was denied a compassionate release from a judge today. Back in 2008, Terry and Demetrius were sentenced to 30 years in federal prison for heading a drug ring with connections to Mexican cartels among other charges.

Meanwhile, Fif is writing a script inspired by the Black Mafia Family. On April 9, 50 Cent announced that he and Starz are working on bringing their stories to life while simultaneously confirming that the crime boss would be getting released early.

"Now what! FRM:TERRYLEE.FLENORY MSG:(RE: Whattup Tee) I get out in 2 weeks so you will be able to sit down with me your self...oh shit it's lit," 50 said in the IG post.

Now that Southwest T has been released, perhaps the pair might be doing more business together.

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