50 Cent's laughter has turned into irritation over the last month after discovering that an Australian artist keeps painting murals of him as other celebrities.

On Monday (May 4), the Queens rapper revealed that street artist Lushsux is still painting images of him combined with other public figures after calling him out over social media last week. "I'm sick of this shit, he think i can’t find his ass in australia. i’m a have a knot put right on his fucking head," Fif captioned an image of himself as 6ix9ine.

Meanwhile, on Sunday (May 3), 50 uploaded to Instagram another mural of himself as Vice President Mike Pence, in which the artist named the painting "50 Pence." "This fucking guy won’t stop, SMH I guess i’m not wearing a mask because i’m tested frequently," Fif captioned the IG post.

On Friday (May 1), a fed up 50 Cent questioned why the artist chose him as his trolling subject. That same day, the rapper reposted a mural of himself drawn by Lushsux, but with all of his teeth missing. "This is some bullshit man, but how the hell is he doing it so fast. ‍alright he’s talented, but why the fuck he pick me," Fif said alongside the upload of the image.

Prior to these murals, 50 was drawn as Taylor Swift, Donald Trump and Post Malone, all of which were painted by Lushsux. "Man look at this shit, TF is wrong with this guy he won’t stop," Fif said about the image of him as Swift, which was titled Swifty Cent. He later wrote, "Swifty cent i’d like to hit this MF right in the back of his head while he doing this shit. smash or pass."

Although 50 Cent is pissed that the murals won't stop, he has given the artist his props, calling him a "talented nut case."

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