Another pleasure to sit down and chop it up with one of Highbridge the labels own Don Q. Even though he was super tired and had a lot of things going on that day he still showed love and sat down to chat for a bit. His lastest mixtape Corner Stories Reloaded dropped this past summer and if you love NY rap, and anything that has to do with the city then this guy is a true example of "the real NY". In case you not familiar with Don Q let me put me you on:

1)  He is considering dropping an album this year, although he is not pressed for it since he makes a lot of noise doing what he is doing now.

2) His name is mentioned when you speak on Fab, Jada, Cameron and more dope NY artists. He is humble to enjoy that recognition but he noted there is still much work to be done.

3) Don Q and Aboogie mix tape may be happening very soon. Could get some new joints just in time for summer.

4) He does not have a girlfriend nor is looking for one, only thing he is chasing is the money right now.

5) Every time he go back to the hood its always love regardless of the hate he is super gucci in his hood and around NY.

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