I'm born and raised in Albany and it's true some people never fully explore their home town. I get amazed by some of the new stuff I find out about the Capital.

Here is 5 facts that puts Albany on the map of best places to live.

5) We are the capital of New York. Only a 2.5 hour drive to the city and the statue of liberty.

4) University of Albany is one of the best colleges in the state. It's also the best school for parties in the state. Don’t believe me; ask google.

3) Albany is the 11th biggest city in New York. Almost 90,000 people live here. The Capital Region as a whole is much bigger, of course.

2) Winters never get boring here. When it snows! Its snows!! Great parks and hills all over the capital to enjoy the winter fun!

1) Albany was one of the many stops that were apart of the underground railroad.

Daniel Barry, Getty Images.
Daniel Barry, Getty Images.


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