A Georgia woman says she was beaten and held hostage by her "best friends" after she accidentally sat on a hamburger belonging to one of her attackers.

he culprits, Tekia Strickland, Armonni Cofer and Chasmyn Donald, are currently behind bars for the Feb. 22nd attack, which left Myriah Pointer with a bunch of injuries that included: two black eyes, a chipped tooth and a concussion. Donald, 21, who was arrested this past Friday, faces aggravated battery, aggravated assault, false imprisonment, and third-degree cruelty to children. Sadly, in this case it turned out the woman they assaulted was said to be their so-called friend.

Here are the three women who were arrested.

Fulton County Jail
Fulton County Jail

This is from her FaceBook:

"This past weekend I was set up by the two girls I called my best friends and one of they cousins. I was held down and stomped until I was unconscious. Once I gained consciousness they were still beating and stomping me. This went on for about 3 hours and then they threw and cracked my phone and hide my battery for another and held me hostage! I am BLESSED to be alive and I need justice to be served because I DID NOT deserve this."

This is very distasteful. It is a disgrace as well. This is a shame. This wasn't over a burger this was about jealousy. Look at these at the attackers then look at the woman who was attacked. She looks 20 times better than them.

It's amazing that these three idiots felt that their freedom was worth a hamburger. Now they'll probably end up in lock-up fighting for their lives over honeybuns and chocolate milk. Karma is the rule of the universe.